mega bonus - 95 x 95A special bonus for a special occasion!

planetwin365 presents you the new Mega Bonus 365 for Christmas and New Year’s eve! Try your luck and win the Mega Bonus 365! From 6% up to an incredible 365% on a combination of 30 selections!

You will not find value like this anywhere else!

Mega Bonus 365 will be applied at special times during the year, so keep checking back here for more information.

Next Events Mega Bonus 365: Start Time (CET) End Time (CET)
Christmas Mega Bonus 23/12/2016 at 00:00:00 26/12/2016 at 23:59:59
New Year’s Mega Bonus 30/12/2016 at 00:00:00 01/01/2017 at 23:59:59


The Mega Bonus 365 is calculated as follows:

3 events:
6% extra bonus
4 events:
8% extra bonus
5 events:
10% extra bonus
6 events:
15% extra bonus
7 events:
20% extra bonus
8 events:
25% extra bonus
9 events:
30% extra bonus
10 events:
35% extra bonus
11 events:
40% extra bonus
12 events:
45% extra bonus
13 events:
50% extra bonus
14 events:
60% extra bonus
15 events:
70% extra bonus
16 events:
80% extra bonus
17 events:
90% extra bonus
18 events:
100% extra bonus
19 events:
110% extra bonus
20 events:
120% extra bonus
21 events:
130% extra bonus
22 events:
140% extra bonus
23 events:
150% extra bonus
24 events:
160% extra bonus
25 events:
180% extra bonus
26 events:
200% extra bonus
27 events:
240% extra bonus
28 events:
280% extra bonus
29 events:
320% extra bonus
30 events:
365% extra bonus


More info:

To get the Mega Bonus 365, all you need to do is create your bet during these periods: the system will automatically calculate the potential winnings including the Mega Bonus 365 Value!

Void events, for any reason, will not be taken into consideration for the Mega Bonus 365 calculation.

Planetwin365 reserves the right to discontinue the Mega Bonus 365 at any time and it is the responsibility of the customer to check here to make sure the Mega Bonus 365 is still valid.

Our Mega Bonus 365 applies if the name of the bonus is displayed at the bottom of the bet slip AND the bet itself is confirmed before the end of the stated bonus period.

Planetwin365 will not apply the Mega Bonus 365 if the bet is confirmed after the bonus period has ceased to apply

During the period when the Mega Bonus 365 applies, normal Planet Happy Hour bonus will not apply.