Moto racing related bets are always settled using the first published official results.

Later decisions made by the race officials/FIM will not be considered.

A moto racing event will be considered void in the case of a cancellation or if interrupted and not resumed/finished by the end of the current day (local time).

If a race is, for some reason, abandoned before 75% of the planned distance (rounded down to the nearest whole number of laps) has been completed, the event will be considered void, even though FIM might regard the race as finished and assign points to the drivers/teams.

Decisions made by the race officials/FIM before the end of the qualifying session that have influence on the starting grid position, don’t have any effect on the bets placed on any “pole” market.

Winner Race: You have to predict the winner of the Grand Prix.

Winner Pole: You have to predict which driver will have the best result in the qualifications.

Podium Race:You have to predict whether the driver will finish on the podium (top 3).

Podium Pole:You have to predict whether the driver will have one of the three best qualifying results.

HH Race:You have to predict which of the two drivers listed will be better placed in the Grand Prix. In the case of both drivers dropping out in the same lap, HH bets will be void.

Winning Team: You have to predict which team is going to have the winning driver.