The result of football (soccer) bet is always based on 90 minutes of play plus injury time (except in case of ‘triangolare’ tournaments which are usually 45′, or youth matches that are usually 80′). Extra time, golden goal or penalty shoot outs will not be considered. This applies to all game types (goals, corners, fouls, off-sides, ball possession, yellow/red cards, goalscorer etc).

Only officially interrupted matches will be considered void; if the referee signals the regular end before the score board shows that 90 minutes are over, that will be considered a valid result. This doesn’t refer to matches played 2*40 minutes if this hadn’t been indicated due to an error made by the company; these matches can be considered void.

A team is considered to have scored the goal even if it was actually scored by an opponent’s player (an own goal) or if it was scored from penalty kick during regular or injury time (extra times and penalty shoot outs do not count).