Tennis match will be considered invalid in case of a cancellation or if interrupted and not resumed/finished within 72 hours from the official start time.

If a match is for whatever reason played on a different surface, other than the one published initially by the tournament officials, PlanetWin365 reserves the right to consider the event void.

If one of the players listed to play withdraws or is disqualified before the beginning of the match or during the first set, the bets will be considered void. If he/she retires or is disqualified after the first set has finished, the opponent will be considered as winner, and bets related to first set will be settled upon the result acquired on the court.

If a player withdraws or is disqualified before his/her first match of the tournament, bets relating to that player winning the tournament or reaching a certain phase will be void, otherwise they will stand.

In a double, if at least one of the four players retires before the match, and his partner decides to take part to the match with another player, all the bets placed on the event will be considered void.

If a tennis match that is meant to be played “best of 5” is played “best of 3”, all bets placed on the event are void (i.e. in a Davis Cup round where the winner is already known, both teams can decide to play the remaining matches best of 3: in this case, all bets involving “shortened” matches will be void).