All bets on transfer market, otherwise not directly explained, apply on the following ‘transfer window’. In all the cases, the winning selection will be the team in which the player plays the first official match after the transfer window has closed (for injury or ban special rule applies as follow). Following this rule, in case of co-ownership, or loan, the right team will be only the one for which the player will play, so not for the owner of the contract.

In case of injury or ban after the official trade, that cannot permit to a player to be in the field the first or the upcoming matches of his team, no following trades counts: only the selection of the first team (even if the player has never really played for it) will be the winner.

In case of retirement, or in any case PlanetWin365 didn’t offer the odds for the winning team, the bet will stand, and no bet will be void (irrespective of whether ‘Other’ is offered as destination).

PlanetWin365 reserves the right to put void all the bets placed after big rumours for the future of the player, even after the sign of the contract.

Following these rules, all the bets will be paid after the first official match subsequent to the closure of the transfer window, of the team involved so, even if the trade is confirmed and published officially, it would not be possible to close the bet.